used to fly, now i float


like the parquet floor of my bedroom

the first song on the new wire album makes me feel like i’m listening to taped hole songs on my walkman on the school bus when i was 13. how does a band this old make me feel so young?


from russia, with awe

abandoned nuclear reactor!



japanese steamship travel posters

early 20th century. so beautiful.

japanese steamship travel poster




on the one hand, the lack of sunlight is making me crazy. today i thought i was going to jump out of my skin at work and i somehow calmed myself down by listening to a beatles mix on youtube and eating a lean pocket. whatever works.

on the other hand, i love the crisp, smoky smell coming through my bedroom window and curling up in my comforter.

i’m also really obsessed with this picture of christina hendricks. i think she’s dressed to play a character; not sure if these are her own clothes, but seeing someone with my body type in pop culture makes me feel better.


i feel like i’ve spent a lot of this week in a pit of nostalgia for things i never saw.

greetings from sfo

where they don’t have faith in my capacity to use a fork as a weapon.

it’s gray and rainy. i feel cheated. i’m flying midwest airlines so i hope i get a nice big seat along with my chocolate chip cookie. listening to the minutemen and staring at the fog and gosh, southwest just have the trippiest-looking planes, don’t they?

i’m coming to you.