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and they box up the glasses

last night, the drive-by truckers played this song and it was pretty appropriate. not exactly sad, but realistic.

then we witnessed a giant singalong to “rosalita” in the turkey’s nest.

today i will do some 2010 reflection and probably eat more cheese. then i will ring in the new year with my love.

so much has changed. i feel very young and very old at the same time.


i know she’s a cat and all… but

so tonight i finished a piece i’m writing for a new pub – a secret for now. when it was finally completed, i baked a trader joe’s quiche and deemed it the quiche of celebration. nala had been asleep for like, five hours, but as soon as i started to eat said quiche of celebration, she was all up in my shit, perching on the top of the couch. kind of like a dog. kind of like…

sometimes i think she might be part canine.

sorry, i warned you.

Ohay, 2010

i spent too much time trying to make this blog sort of “serious” and “newsworthy” and therefore got scared of it and never wrote. therefore (again), i will show my true thoughts more often. i apologize in advance, because they mostly involve cats and bus rides and movies and more cats.

this morning, christine drisgula and i watched muppets videos in my pull-out bed because my cat projectile vomited in my real bed (read: futon). i love her anyway. she looks like this.

the clip we watched looks like this: