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Best Tumblr Blog Ever: “Gary: Landlord of the Flies”

books23So like, I thought it was bad when my landlord decided to put a new foundation on our house while we were living in it. I thought it was bad when the whole house shook every time the oil heating started up. I thought it was bad when the building was infested with various vermin and disgusting tenants who left discarded food on the stairwells, and when we found a drunk dude passed out in the vestibule. Yeah, I thought all of that was pretty unbelievable.

But nothing compares to the plight of this poor Midwesterner, who rented a house in a Chicago suburb that happened to belong to a 63-year-old deranged alcoholic: Gary. Have the police been to your apartment for any reason other than a fire alarm or a lost kitten? No? Check it: this kid’s seen Chicago’s Finest no less than 5 times. Also, you’ll quickly realize that giving your e-mail address to your (insane, raving lunatic of a) landlord is a bad idea.

Without further ado, I give you: “Gary: Landlord of the Flies,” a truly jaw-dropping chronicle of the Worst Living Situation Ever.

Special thanks to the unofficial mayor of Oklahoma City/Hold Steady webmaster, Mike Ross.


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