used to fly, now i float


first thing i did after returning to my own room for the first time in a week was lay down and listen to this entire soundtrack.


and they box up the glasses

last night, the drive-by truckers played this song and it was pretty appropriate. not exactly sad, but realistic.

then we witnessed a giant singalong to “rosalita” in the turkey’s nest.

today i will do some 2010 reflection and probably eat more cheese. then i will ring in the new year with my love.

so much has changed. i feel very young and very old at the same time.

ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous stains

girls and guys and everyone in between! ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous stains is streaming on netflix. i’d never seen it before. friends tell me it wasn’t available on dvd till a few years ago, even though it came out in 1982. a seriously amazing punk relic with its faults, but overall… damn. a young diane lane and laura dern and a whole lot of well-timed lady sass and positive messages. “don’t put out.” “i’m perfect.” love, love, love it. if you don’t have netflix, get on that! or con a friend into lending a password.

hey girlfriiieeennnddd…

last night i went to the kathleen hanna tribute show at the knitting factory. folks floating around included: jd samson, kim gordon, johanna fateman, thurston moore, amy andronicus, care bears on fire, and more. it was so well-organized and heartfelt and just pure fucking FUN with a socially conscious undercurrent. murray hill made a surprise appearance. kathleen came out and performed with “the julie ruin” and announced she is turning julie ruin into a live band and writing a new record. as i said last night, we really need her around.


kathleen talking about the new riot grrl book, “girls to the front” – which i need to read like, yesterday.

and here’s my favorite julie ruin song!

update! thanks to brendan kennedy, here’s a video of murray hill (hilariously) introducing the julie ruin!


o christmas tree

last night i thought about how my parents won’t be home for christmas for the first time in my life, and realized i am more upset about that and the lack of a tree at their house (usually it tops 8 feet or more) and just cried for a little while. i guess at 25 i feel i shouldn’t be as affected by christmas as i am, and i am beyond grateful to have my love with me this year, but, well… i am. just like i really, really wish i still had the christmas mixtape my dad made for us as kids. i’ve tried to recreate it, but it’s hard, because all of the songs came from random LPs and even my dad doesn’t remember which ones he used. so, i’ve spent a lot of time combing youtube for songs that sound familiar. this one does.

just kids

i read patti smith’s memoir of her life with robert mapplethorpe while listening to my rolling stones records on saturday evening before going out to watch kathleen hanna DJ and the raincoats play at the MoMA. it’s like i had one long date with the city itself.

also, i can’t stop watching live videos of patti, and i wish i’d really appreciated seeing her at the bardavon in poughkeepsie when i was 15 or so. i didn’t know what it meant then.

coming home

i read somewhere that you know you’re in love when all the songs make sense. my life’s about to change forever.