used to fly, now i float


and they box up the glasses

last night, the drive-by truckers played this song and it was pretty appropriate. not exactly sad, but realistic.

then we witnessed a giant singalong to “rosalita” in the turkey’s nest.

today i will do some 2010 reflection and probably eat more cheese. then i will ring in the new year with my love.

so much has changed. i feel very young and very old at the same time.


portland purrs

this weekend, i visited some of my favorite cats.

trey got a pedicure.

eddie got a makeover.

and some ‘tude.

their owners were a bonus, obviously.

it looks like you ran afoul of something with wicked claws…

i was lucky enough to catch a preview screening of tim burton’s alice in wonderland last night with SARAHSPY, thanks to time out new york. by far, my favorite character was the cheshire cat, voiced by stephen fry. i hardly found the 3D necessary, as the film would have been visually stunning in every way without it, but i will admit that having the sensation of the cheshire cat dissipating in front of my face was beyond amazing.

your body’s amazing science, explained in cat

science was always one of my favorite subjects, but i don’t think any of my teachers ever got quite this creative. click the images to make them larger.

(via hungry hearted, originally posted on hug-machine)