used to fly, now i float

who am i to feel so free

tonight i saw MEN at the knitting factory. it’s a band/collective headed up by JD samson (known best for being a member of le tigre and IMHO, an unstoppable babe, to borrow a phrase from ms. emilyn brodsky). there were boobs and rousing speeches and hurty feet from dancing. here’s what JD looked like.

i took some video too, but that’ll have to wait for tomorrow, at the very least.

of course, i spent some time rabidly internetting to see what JD and the other le tigre ladies have been up to and i discovered two things. 1) there is a le tigre dvd in the works and i have already missed one screening of the work in progress, god dammit and 2) kathleen hanna has an oft-updated blog, on which she posted this fucking amazing x-ray spex video. so early, so far ahead.


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