used to fly, now i float

i wish that when i landed in new york it looked like this and not JFK.

i mean, JFK isn’t really too exciting to come home to, all the way out in queens. at least laguardia has the WELCOME TO NEW YORK sign with the apple. i wish i saw this instead. this ad is by david klein and was used in 1956. i found it my favorite livejournal community, vintage_ads.

this also reawakens my yearning for the JFK express, which used to be part of the subway system. take the train to the plane! how sweet would this be? apparently it was “controversial” because passengers didn’t look at which train they were getting on and ended up at JFK. dummies. it had 8 different stops in manhattan and brooklyn. sometimes i still see the little plane signs being used accidentally on the A train. bring it back!


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