used to fly, now i float

Sometimes I Actually Take Advantage of New Albums Sent to (the Obviously Very Important) Me, and Yo, Githead (feat. Colin Newman of Wire) is Pretty Brilliant


Like a dummy, I didn’t go see Wire at South Street Seaport last summer when everyone else whose music taste I halfway trusted ran there in droves. Dummy dumb dumb. However, I tortured myself appropriately by listening to many Wire albums since, so I perked up when I received a copy of Githead’s third full-length album, Landing… and saw that said Githead features the one, the only Colin Newman of Wire. Also contributing to this beautiful disaster are Malka Spiegel and Max Franken of Minimal Compact and Robin Rimbaud of Scanner.

I don’t know if it’s my ADD or what, but I find minimalist, repetitive guitar jams mesmerizing and calming (Sonic Youth has been a go to since like, you know, forever). Couple that with dreamy vox and some metallic percussive leanings and you got me, not unlike a crazy-in-love Beyonce.

So yeah, check it out on November 10… and stream the track “Takeoff” here.


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