used to fly, now i float

“Baby Got Back” (As Realised by Sirs Gilbert, Sullivan and Mix-A-Lot”)

I drunkenly expressed my love for this video over at the Limewire Music Blog, but I need to reiterate its brilliance in my own right.  First of all, a 1983 adaptation of The Pirates of Penzance is entertaining in itself because no matter what period the film is supposed to embody, the women always have vaguely 80s hair, like the power of Aquanet compels them no matter what. Secondly, I really like Richard Cheese, and this shit knocks him out of the water. The music video for “Rape Me” has nothing on it. Prepare to sing this song incorrectly for the rest of your life.

To whom do we owe thanks? Some guy over at Thanks, dude, for making my day a little brighter and geekier.


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