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My Favorite Songs of 2008, Part 1 of TBD

Year-end lists give me anxiety, and my process of absorbing music new and old is so haphazard that I have no idea why anyone would really give any merit to a list I produce, but Tiny Mix Tapes and the Limewire Music Blog published mine anyhow.

So, now it’s my turn. Since I’m constantly trying to make up for all of the music I missed out on because I was asleep/drunk/in college/working/nursing  a grudge towards someone who liked particular bands, I’ve decided to make a list of the songs that blew my mind this year. Some are new, some are embarrassingly old, and some are unjustly obscure. I won’t post them all at once, because my attention span isn’t down with that.

Facing New York – “Cops On Bikes” – Get Hot (2008)

My friends Matt and Corey of Tourmaline (you’ll hear more about them in a bit) were driving me back to my apartment after their gig at the Charleston in Brooklyn, and Matt played DJ while driving, playing me music he’d produced and music of friends… when this tune clicked on. “This song is fucking hilarious,” he says, but I’m immediately transfixed. Yeah, it’s totally ridiculous. An entire song devoted to making fun of policemen who, for some reason or another, never quite graduated to the squad car. “Cops on bikes /When your test was done/ They wouldn’t give you a car, so they handed you a gun (right on!)” You don’t want to take it seriously, but every single aspect of this song, from the octave bassline to the early-90s synth to the balls-out guitar riffs is absolutely fucking perfect. Imagine if the most talented band in the world had no idea they were worth two shits, and that’s pretty much what you’ve got here. The end devolves into hysterics after wrapping up with THE MOST PERFECT GOSPEL GANG VOCALS I’VE EVER HEARD. “Ahahaha! That was totes flawless, dude!” CHRIST. SERIOUSLY.

Take a listen: Facing New York: Get Hot at Chickens Don’t Clap!


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